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歡迎親臨旺角店購買:旺角弼街20號12樓B | RealDeal 保健品 | WhatsApp 9560 0709

門市接受消費卷: 八達通,支付寶,PayMe,微信,BOC Pay

網站購買滿$500,免運費送貨 | Free Delivery on HK $500 Online Order

歡迎親臨旺角店購買:旺角弼街20號12樓B | RealDeal 保健品 | WhatsApp 9560 0709

門市接受消費卷: 八達通,支付寶,PayMe,微信,BOC Pay

網站購買滿$500,免運費送貨 | Free Delivery on HK $500 Online Order

歡迎親臨旺角店購買:旺角弼街20號12樓B | RealDeal 保健品 | WhatsApp 9560 0709

Terms and Conditions

Thank you for visiting the RealDeal website. Your business is very much appreciated, and it is our goal that your shopping experience will be smooth and enjoyable. Therefore, it is important that you take a few minutes to read the following terms and conditions before any site search, placement of order, and landing registration, etc. By proceeding with the use of any of RealDeal website services, visitor/customer hereby agree that he/she have read,understood and agree with all the terms and conditions.

1. Service Criteria

As any transaction between RealDeal and an individual or business entity is an implied contract that is legally binding under all applicable laws, therefore, customer must be 18 years of age or above in order to use this website. Otherwise, consent from legal guardian is required. Further, RealDeal shall have the sole discretion to refuse service to any person or entity before or during any transaction for reasons such as, but not limited to the ones listed below. Under these circumstances, customer’s account shall be frozen until such time that an appropriate resolution has been achieved.

  • A minor without consent from legal guardian.
  • Providing malicious or false information or declaration.
  • Blacklisted customers or goods by governmental agencies.
  • Breach of any of the terms and conditions of the RealDeal website.
  • False, wrong, or missing delivery information.
  • None or late payment for goods ordered and/or RealDeal purchase service fees and/or shipping charges and/or customs and governmental agencies’ fees.
  • Interfering with the operation and services of RealDeal, web merchants or interfering with other customers in using RealDeal website.

To avoid the above situations, you hereby agree to:

  • Provide true, accurate, complete and current registration information and declarations.
  • Provide true, accurate, and complete cargo and shipping information and make sure that goods ordered are shippable to Hong Kong.
  • Pay all costs and fees in a timely manner.
  • Comply with all RealDeal terms and conditions,purchase and shipping agreements, and all applicable governmental rules,instructions, and regulations.

2. Personal Information

RealDeal respects our customers’ privacy. As such, any personal information provided to RealDeal by our customers such as: name; company name; gender; birthday; address; telephone number; shopping record; shall be used by RealDeal solely for the purpose of affecting business transactions between RealDeal and customers, which may necessitate providing such information to third party vendors, service providers or governmental agencies. However, RealDeal does not wholesale any customer information to third parties.

3. Service Obligations

All goods sold by RealDeal or ordered on behalf of customers through third party vendors are products of third party manufacturers or merchants, as such, RealDeal makes no guarantee, expressed or implied that the goods are: free of defects and/or damages; suitability for certain usages; free from any infringement of intellectual property rights.

RealDeal is not responsible for any merchandise shipped from third-party online merchants which becomes lost, missing, damaged, or delayed before it reaches RealDeal’s USA warehouse, nor is RealDeal responsible for such once the merchandise leaves its Hong Kong warehouse to be delivered to customers by third party shippers.

Time frames given for shipment is to be used as guidelines only due to potential unknown or uncontrollable factors which can affect any and all aspects of the shipment process. Therefore, RealDeal cannot and shall not be responsible for any delays in shipment.

For shipping safety,RealDeal shall inspect all goods being shipped by opening all boxes for all goods either purchased directly from online merchant by customer or goods ordered by RealDeal on behalf of customers. If upon said inspections, the goods are suspected of violation, or found to be in any violation, then the goods shall be turned over to police, customs or other law enforcement agencies for further investigation. In addition, if any goods while in any stage of transit shipment is found to exceed shipping criteria such as weigh, volume,dimensions, etc., shipping shall be stopped immediately and the violating item shall be discarded or otherwise disposed of. RealDeal will not be responsible for customer’s lost, financial or otherwise, resulting from the above mentioned circumstances. The safety inspections as described in this paragraph are in noway performed for the purposes of determining defects, damages, suitability for certain usages, free from infringement of intellectual property rights, etc. of the goods.


As a business entity, RealDeal has the right to charge customer fees for all services provided. All fees shall be made known to customers as much as possible and as early as possible in the transaction. However, RealDeal reserves the right to temporarily or permanently change any fee without prior notice. RealDeal also reserves the right to temporarily or permanently suspend or terminate any and all services provided. As an example of fees, shipping fees are calculated based on an item’s packaged weight, volume and dimensions.Other fees included but not limited to: purchase service fees; freight; duties;other transportation fees.

5. Shipment Inspection

RealDeal does not make routine outside-of-box or out-of-packaging shipment inspections unless there is reasonable suspicion to warrant such inspection. Some examples are as follows:

  • Illegal goods.
  • Goods, or condition of such goods, that may affect the safety of other goods being shipped.
  • Goods not accompanied by proper documentation or accompanied by false or suspicious documentation.
  • False or incorrect declared values or other declarations. 

6. Suspension of Service

ReaDeal shall temporarily interrupt or stop service in part or in whole without prior notice when any of the following occurs. RealDeal shall notify customer as soon as practical thereafter. RealDeal shall not bear any liability or responsibility for any such suspension of services.

  • For reasons beyond the reasonable control of RealDeal including but not limited to the following: natural disasters; strikes or disturbances; material shortages or rationing; labor shortages; riots; wars; governmental action; communications or other facilities failure or disruptions.
  • Customer or third-party actions including but not limited to the following: action or shipment in violation of national or international laws or regulations; shipment of banned or restricted goods;providing false declaration or information; missing or false shipping address;refusal by recipient to accept delivered goods; violation of service agreement or related rules, regulations, and instructions, etc.

7. Scope and Jurisdiction

Interpretation, application, and disputes relating to the Terms and Conditions of services shall be dealt with in accordance with the laws of (HKSAR) People’s Republic of China.

By using RealDeal’s website or services, you hereby agree that RealDeal shall not be responsible or liable to you or any third party for any lost resulting from but not limited the following: damaged delivery; delayed delivery; wrong delivery; non-delivery; false or absence of information; items as specified under the subheading of “You or Third Party Acts or Omissions“; items as specified under subheading of “Reasons Beyond the Reasonable Control of RealDeal“.

Furthermore, RealDeal shall not assume any indirect, incidental, or derivative liability, including but not limited to revenue, profit, market or opportunity losses. You further agree to indemnify RealDeal, its owners, agents and employees of RealDeal against all liabilities, claims, demands, damages, losses, expenses and fees resulting from your usage of RealDeal’s website.

You or Third Party Acts or Omissions

  • Violation of the service agreement and its rules, regulations, instructions, etc.
  • False or incorrect contact/registration/shipping information.
  • False or incorrect tracking number or product code.
  • Shipment containing contraband.
  • Delays caused by customs duties and taxes not paid in a timely manner.
  • No record of goods arriving at RealDeal USA warehouse.
  • Goods sent to the wrong location.
  • Typographical errors on shipping transfer forms.
  • False/incomplete/incorrect/missing address information resulting in no contact with recipient resulting in duplication of delivery and related costs.
  • Claims of damaged goods after such goods has been accepted by customer.

Reasons Beyond the Reasonable Control of RealDeal

  • Natural factors including but not limited to: earthquakes; cyclones; storms; floods;fires; plagues; fogs; snow; frost; geological disasters.
  • Labor force shortage/unrest/strikes/disputes;air disasters; enemy invasion; riots; civil unrest; war; national/regional ground/air transportation system interruption; communication systems failure;vehicles/machinery failures.
  • Negligent acts of customs, airline, airport or government officials.
  • Flight/shipping cancellation/delay.
  • Clearance delays caused by customs or other authority.
  • Goods damaged during shipment. Examples of causes are: goods with inherent weakness or defects; fragile goods.
  • Lost/damage of data/data storage media,audio/video tapes/files; exposures of photographic negatives; lost of photographic images or soundtracks.